DeadlY's Application

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DeadlY's Application

Post by DeadlY_ on Thu Jul 02, 2015 12:55 pm

- In game name:

- Your Age:

- Where are you from :

- In game score/rank:
Score : 50+
Rank : Private

- How long have you been a part of the community:
Week i guess

- At which time your active the most and Specify your Timezone :
Well, i'm on 3 month's holidays so i've almost 5+ hours to spend on server ( GMT +5:00 )

- Did you had previous experience in being an administrator , if so for how long:
Yes,i've been playing samp 4 years ago in that period i've got admin ship in many servers but they're down due to some reasons.I know a bit scripting so i'm familiar with most of commands it won't be hard for me.

- Why do you want to be an Admin/Moderator :
I have great abilities. I am little bit technical expert and I can help the staff in the co-relating matters. I perform my work efficiently and with the best of my ability. I am analytic and make proper and reasonable decisions. I can handle multiple tasks at the same time with proper reasoning. I manage tasks and can do them in a short span My Language is understandable. I do not hesitate in helping others. I am sincere in my work, I do not spare anyone. Also, I have high amounts Of Time play, and patience, which I think would be essential when helping players come to grips with rules and any problems that have. I have very good communication skills. Over the time, I will improve myself more.Well, i'm a good mapper tho i can make all kind of maps so if this community want any kind help in mapping feel free to tell me.

- How can you help the server being an Administrator :
As i mentioned above i'm good mapper i'll help community if they want.
I believe that I have very positive sides, I am a nice and kind guy who likes to help. I've been playing SAMP 4 years ago years and I already know the server very well,  I believe that under my age of 16 I can handle this things and share my knowledge to the people who are in need of assistance. I am a good follower that will be a big part of the community. I never had any problems dealing with other people and I am very confident that the newbies and other players in need can easily approach me whenever they need assistance. I value every single player and you can expect that I'll treat everyone with utmost respect. As long as they need my help, I am more than willing to extend my arms to be able to assist them.

- Why should we hire you instead of someone else?
Because i'm mature enough to handle this position and whenever needed I'll respond. If my Supervisors need me to do some extra work I will be gladly to comply, and give them everything needed. I'm capable of doing hours of work as I tend to sit around normally all day. I'm available when called. In my view and it makes me feel as if I can be apart of the Community to better the Community. Help out anyone in need of help. I've been with this community. With me being in the taff, I will help new players and punishing back rule breakers.

- Rate your English Level (1-10) :

- Rate your Maturity Level (1-10) , and Explain why you think that :

Thanks for taking to read my app.



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Re: DeadlY's Application

Post by [DC]CR7 on Fri Jul 03, 2015 11:19 pm

accept level 1 Smile

Welcome to staff [DC]Admin


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Re: DeadlY's Application

Post by CAR7 on Fri Jul 03, 2015 11:27 pm

[DC]CR7 wrote:accept level 1 Smile

Welcome to staff [DC]Admin

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Re: DeadlY's Application

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